I’m not sure where to even start but I feel the need to write on the eve of Leo starting Kindergarten.

IMG_8673 Leo has taught me so much from the minute we found out about him.  The most important thing, is that our children are not ours to control.  As a parent, we are merely stewards of God’s precious gift.

I remember vividly laying in the hospital bed, after my first thyroid cancer surgery, almost 7 years ago now.  I had just come to after being under while they removed my thyroid and the nurse had the doppler searching for Leo’s heartbeat.  These were not OB nurses, so they weren’t used to do doing this, so it took a little while for them to find Leo’s heartbeat.  I don’t think I breathed until I heard that sound every mother longs for…the *thump thump* of a healthy heart.

Since that day, it hasn’t been smooth sailing with Leo.  We have been through physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, IEPs, and sensory processing therapy.  Was it the medication from surgery?  My thyroid levels?  Him born not breathing because of a wrapped cord?  It is impossible to know and I try hard not to dwell on it – because all I see is an incredibly unique creation that God entrusted to us and whom he spared through an incredibly unordinary set of circumstances.

He is the silly in the midst of HEAVY girl drama at our house…he is the deep, belly laugh at life’s simplest funny moments…he is the reason the words “butt” and “poop” work their way into every conversation…and he is my constant reminder that God is forever faithful.  There are so many scenarios in which Leo would not be here.  I am so grateful to God that he is…and so thankful I am here to be his mom.

Having gone through one other first-day-of-kindergarten days already with our oldest, I know how fast time is about to fly for our boy. I am so excited to see what is in store for Leo and pray that God continues to protect him as He has since he was that tiny baby inside me.

Good luck tomorrow, Leo!  I could not be more proud to be your mom and I pray that you always know God has a plan for you and loves you through and through.


As far as an overall update on my cancer – we head to Omaha on September 2nd for CT Scans, ultrasound and bloodwork.  We also meet with my endocrinologist and ENT surgeon to hopefully schedule my *fingers crossed* last surgery.  As far as I can tell, tumor is still stable and I am feeling well.  Prayers for a clear course of action on September 2nd are appreciated!

God bless,