I was going through this blog and reading some of my first posts.  I found this one where Helen, just 3 at the time, was worried about me having another surgery.  I wrote about how I lied to her to calm her down that I won’t have another surgery.

Ha!  I haven’t lied!  Praise God my words have so far turned out to be true – I haven’t needed surgery for almost three years now.

It’s amazing how Helen has processed cancer, at still a very young age of only 5.  She knows where her thyroid is, what the colors of the thyroid cancer ribbon are, and what the scar on my neck means.  She no longer is afraid of it.  I think through us talking and explaining everything to her, she knows everything will be okay.

Keiser Web-40

She’s had a lot on her little shoulders every since that diagnosis over 4 years ago – and I see everyday the special graces and maturity God gave her in order to handle it.  We are so thankful for that.