Well, I found the answer for getting my mind off of thyroid cancer…have a baby 🙂

Seriously though, my sweet third baby, Daphne, has kept me so busy, along with her older siblings, that I have had little time to dwell on anything but spending time and keeping up with the pace of our life these days.  And that’s okay by me!

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I’ll try to recap the last few months as best I can.

First of all, on May 30th, we welcomed a healthy baby girl into our family.  Daphne Olivia was born 8lbs 11oz and 100% perfect.  She may look a little like me, but definitely doesn’t take after me as she arrived two weeks early (I’m never early to anything even if I try :).  I am so grateful that my body, though not perfectly healthy, can still produce a miracle of a child.  It’s an example of God using imperfect people to create goodness and hope.  I am so grateful that we get to raise now three great kids.  I feel so blessed.

From day one Daphne has been a dream baby.  I won’t go into too much detail as I fear I might jinx things and she will start to give us trouble, but she eats well, sleeps well, and when she’s not doing one of those things, she’s smiling.  How can you top that?

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My six month cancer check up was July 30th.  Each of these appointments gets easier and easier to face.  It was the routine tests – neck ultrasound and bloodwork.  Neck ultrasound showed no change (yeah!) and my tumor markers were down slightly (yeah! yeah!).  It was great news.  Putting my body through a pregnancy did make me nervous about how it would affect the cancer, but God protected me and there was no change.

My doctor still reiterated that she feels I will need another surgery eventually.  Part of the reason why my ultrasound and tumor markers are the way they are is because they keep me in a very suppressed state (or hyperthyroid).  It’s really not good to keep a person like this for too long, because it is hard on my heart and bones (not to mention my mood and emotions…ahhh!).  She thinks that to get to a more “normal” state, another surgery would be needed to take out the cancer that’s still there, and it would then be okay to bring my thyroid hormone levels into a more normal range. This could be a year, two years, or five+ years from now.  I will still go every six months to see how things look.

Please continue to pray for me and my family – my hope is that my body is still able to fight the cancer and we can avoid a surgery all together.

Hopefully I’ll get around to updating a little more often…but life these days is blissfully busy…

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