Today is a milestone – my 30th birthday.  As a cancer survivor, birthdays do take on a whole new meaning.  I do not dread seeing my age go up.  It’s the opposite, it’s exciting and an honor to be here enjoying another year with family and friends.

I am so thankful I have had the experiences I have had early in life.  Cancer was at first incredibly hard to process as to why I was diagnosed so young.  But now, I realize it is such a gift to understand first hand how precious life is, and how each day truly is a gift.

We should all be proud of our age, and remember how none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, which is why each day is a blessing and a chance for us to make the most of everything.

I know this post is chalked full of cliches, but hey, I’ll blame the pregnancy hormones for getting a little sappy on my birthday 😉

Thank you to my wonderful parents who have supported me since day 1 (and I know it was a rough day 1, Mom, sorry!).  You are of course the literal reason why I am here, but you are more importantly the reason that I can take the challenges life has thrown our way and always find God in them…you taught me that and I would not have made it through these last few years without that foundation you laid for me.

And thank you to my wonderful husband, who not only made this birthday so special for me, but gives me a reason each day to smile and make me feel like the luckiest woman on earth (I think I really am!).

And to my kids, Helen and Leo (and now Keiser #3) – you kept me going through the darkest of times, and are the most important reason I feel so blessed to turn another year older and be your mom.

And thank you to everyone who has prayed for me and been there for me.  There are so many who continue to show friendship and love in everyday ways, giving me even that many more reason to be so thankful to be here.


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