Today was such a special day celebrating our son turning 3!  With Leo, his birthday brings back so many memories of the first few months of dealing with cancer.  I feel so unbelievably blessed that Leo and I are both here, healthy, and able to celebrate with our closest friends and family.

My mom couldn’t have picked a better day to give me a quilt she made honoring our cancer journey.  It is made with the thyroid cancer colors, with quotes saying things cancer can’t wait away.  It’s perfect, and great way to remember how far we’ve come since my initial diagnosis.

IMG_2954Besides marrying Neel, the day I had Leo was the best day of my life (sorry Helen, having you as a daughter is great, but your labor took me to you know where and back!).  It was the silver lining in a very dark cloud that consumed our lives at the time.  God protected Leo and I from the cancer growing in me and we were able enjoy the most absolute perfect moment of him entering the world.  He has been the source of so much joy ever since then.

I think my post last year for his birthday sums up everything again, so as not to repeat myself too much, you can check that out.  Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and support.  Leo and I wouldn’t be here with it.