It’s been six months since my last check up – and it has flown!  Looking back over these last six months, thinking about how cancer has fit in, it’s astonishing how little it has impacted us.  People who have had to deal with cancer have always told me it gets easier – but it’s so hard to believe at first because it does consume everything.

But tomorrow brings my biannual check up appointments at UNMC.  Each time these come around, my anxiety is so much less, and I worry so much less then I once did before these appointments.  I had my blood work done two weeks ago, and I haven’t even called my doctors to bug them for the results!  Waiting until tomorrow to go through everything with them just seems to make the most sense, and I haven’t bogged myself down with what-ifs like I usually do.

But please keep me in your prayers, that we get good news tomorrow.  I will keep everyone posted on what we find out.

On a different note, tomorrow marks our due date for our baby we lost this summer.  Sharing our miscarriage stories has been one of the most rewarding/painful experiences that I’ve had.  I’m so glad I did it, because so many other moms have opened up to share their stories to me, too.  So many women have a day like mine tomorrow, and you would never know.  This is a private pain for so many, and a good reason to always treat others with kindness and gentleness, because you never know what someone is going through.

I also ask that you pray for these moms who have lost little ones and still struggle with infertility.  There are so many out there, and these moms need prayers for peace and comfort.  I know we haven’t had smooth sails, but I know we are so lucky to be welcoming our third child into the world, and I do not take that for granted.  Each pregnancy pain, discomfort, etc., is truly a joy and I am so thankful for another opportunity.

You’ll be hearing from me soon!  Now off to pack our bags for Omaha…