It has been awhile since I’ve posted, but that is good news.  I have been feeling great and no major health episodes to speak about…phew!  I didn’t believe it when people told me, but there are fewer and fewer moments where I think about cancer.  Don’t think I have gone a full day yet without thinking about it (taking that little thyroid pill every morning always is a reminder), but cancer definitely takes up less space in my brain then it used to.

Which is why sometimes it’s hard to get into Relay for Life…which is being held tonight.  At times it feels more of a reminder of how different I am, focusing on the bad thing that happened to me and our family.  I sometimes feel out of place, because most of the people wearing the purple survivor shirt are a lot older than I am and usually have gone through sometime very different.  And at times when I just want to forget that cancer even exists, it’s hard to spend time at an event devoted to the disease…

But this week I was reminded of why I Relay…I don’t Relay for me…I Relay for everyone who doesn’t have a chance to walk tonight.

My Aunt lost her father to cancer this week, and it was a somber reminder that I blessed to be here.  I am honored to be able to participate in an event where so many families would give anything to have their loved one here to walk with them.  This is the opportunity to show cancer that we are winning…there are those of us who have stared it in the face and have been able to make it through.  And also to show cancer that we will never forget those who have passed on…their memory will always be here and gives us determination to find a cure.

Please remember all those people and families who won’t get the chance to see their loved one walk the Survivor lap…I’m walking for them tonight, and will always remember how thankful I am to be here.  No matter how long it’s been since cancer took someone’s life, they are still missed and loved, and will never be forgotten.


PS: Relay for Life of Adams County is tonight, June 1-2, 6pm – 6am at the E-Free Church in Hastings.