The other day the kids and I were in Omaha a few days before Thanksgiving.  I had been feeling a bit “hyper-thyroid” (trouble sleeping, nervousness, anxiousness…just all over yuck), so I figured I should get my hormone levels checked, especially since I was in Omaha and close to UNMC.

The kids have gone with me before to get my blood drawn, so I figured it would be fine again.  I just make sure to put Leo in the stroller so he can’t escape…he’s my little Houdini with no fear of going anywhere, so that is the only way these trips can happen.

The kids were great as we waited to get called back.  When we headed back, I went and sat in the chair, which was made to accomodate someone who is 600 lbs.  Seeing the extra space, Helen crawled up and sat beside me (I was hoping she would stick by Leo and not notice, fearing she would get scared seeing me get poked).

I couldn’t not let her sit next to me, I didn’t want her to feel rejected or that she couldn’t do normal things like she always does with her mommy.  So next to me she sat as the nurse got the needle ready.

Helen then turned to me, “Mom, do you want me to hold your hand?”

I said, “yes, I do.”  And I took her hand, and she watched with a brave face as they poked me and drew my blood out (Leo just sat in his stroller and ate his sucker :).

After they were done, Helen says surprised, “Mom, you didn’t even cry!”, mimicking my exact words and prideful tone after she had gotten a shot at her doctor’s appointment.

I was so proud of Helen, and again was another moment that I am thankful I have these small children as I’m facing cancer.  Although sometimes it would be easier if this had happened before kids or when they were grown and gone, these beautiful, young faces have picked me up more times than I can count.