Neel and I at "The Plummer House" during our visit to Mayo

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, but life has been blissfully normal – which means we’ve been busy and it’s been great!  We have had lots to take our minds off cancer after a week of where that’s all we thought about up at Mayo.

Health-wise, we’re in the holding pattern.  After returning from Mayo, I called my UNMC doctor, Dr. Goldner, and updated her on the Mayo trip and she was pleased that they are seeing the same things she did.  We were currently scheduled to go see her again mid-December, but she said that if they just did scans and bloodwork at Mayo, things don’t change that fast so December might be a little overkill to check things again.  She said if we want to wait until after the first of the year to come in and see her again to get checked, that would be fine.  We might keep the December appointment, because although it’s more work to go to Omaha and do everything, it’s also reassuring to be checked and just verify that nothing has changed too significantly!

"The Plummer House" was built by one of the founding physicians of Mayo. It was huge and beautiful.

What really prompted me to write today was a sermon my friend’s husband gave a couple weeks ago.  My friend had thyroid cancer, too, and her husband gave a sermon about setbacks.  Her and I have had our share of setbacks in our cancer journeys, and something her husband talked about is in the midst of setbacks, we have a choice –  to have it “make us better, or make us bitter.”  In other words, we must choose joy.

Now, some days I am definitely better at this than others, and I will probably never be able to yell, “I’m so glad I have cancer!”, but it has been amazing how much I have been made better by this experience…how much I have been able to recognize the true joy in everyday moments of life.

When you are given a cancer diagnosis, it is a constant reminder of your mortality.  This could be sad to think about, and of course sometimes it is, but for the most part it is a beautiful lesson to cherish each day.  None of us…cancer or not…is guaranteed tomorrow.  Keeping this in mind makes me a better spouse, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

Facing another surgery makes it hard sometimes to remember the joy…but I can still say beyond a doubt that I am thankful for what we have learned because of cancer.  Cancer does take away a lot, but God has replaced what cancer has taken away ten-fold…and I am so grateful.

Please continue to keep us in your prayers…specifically that the cancer in my neck remains stable or goes away.  Thank you for all the support!