We are heading home!

Meeting with the surgeon went well. My CT scan showed the same three spots that came up on the ultrasound, and showed my chest is clear. 🙂

The surgeon said everything is operable, but the tumor near my trachea would be difficult since it is right on my laryngial nerve (my voice). He said he would prefer the tumor to be a little larger and he would be able to feel/see it better and hopefully remove it without complication. That is why he suggests waiting 4-6 months and coming back for surgery.

So, looking back on our visit here…we are hearing the exact same thing that our doctors in Omaha are saying…let’s wait awhile, and then do surgery. I am relieved that we know exactly what we need to do and that everyone is in agreement.  Its still not easy thinking about facing another surgery and possibly living for awhile longer with cancer, but life I’m sure will find a way to keep us busy and take our minds off of all this for awhile.

That’s about all my thumbs can handle (typing this on my phone)…will write more later!