Hi everyone!

Yesterday ended up being pretty uneventful as we didn’t get to meet with the surgeon.  We are meeting with him today at 3pm.  Then we get to come home!

There was some confusion about getting the appointment with the surgeon, as typically they schedule a surgery consult, and then surgery the next day.  The nurse was assuming that we were wanting next-day surgery, so scheduled us to come back for a consult and surgery at the end of the month.  After trying to explain that we just want the consult, not necessarily surgery, she finally got it figured out and was able to get the 3pm appointment today.

Hopefully at this appointment we will be able to see the results of the CT scan this afternoon, too.  Dr. McIver is out of town today, but one of his endocrine colleagues is going to meet with us, too.

Then we are headed home!  I can’t wait.  We are able to Skype with Helen and Leo quite a bit, and Helen just keeps asking us to come home.  They are doing really well, but being away from both parents for a week when you’re really too little to understand is tough…maybe more so on me, but I know for them, too.

I will post after our appointments today…we are very anxious to hear about what the surgeon thinks of doing a fourth surgery.

Thank you all!