Really not too much to report.  We are still waiting to hear when we will be meeting with the surgeon.  We are still hoping we get to do that today, but not sure.

My CT scan this morning went fine.  We are hoping we get to see the results of that today, too.  The CT scan is a more detailed picture of what is going on than the ultrasound.  The CT scan can see some places the ultrasound can’t, and the surgeon will use the images to decide if it’s a good idea to do surgery or not.  The CT scan also scanned my chest to see if there are any spots on my lungs (which can be a common area to find thyroid cancer if it has spread past the neck…Dr. McIver doesn’t think mine has, but they are checking).

We are faced with more decisions then we ever have been before in this cancer journey.  I always thought that really my case was pretty easy because the treatment plan was always very cut and dry on what you did to get better.  We’re not there anymore, but we are at least in a place where there are options available and options that will give me a long, healthy life.  Having to make decisions about what to do, where to go, who I trust to cut into my neck, etc, etc. make for lots of stress.  But it is just another way we are learning to trust outside of ourselves…

I just want to thank everyone for following our story and sending prayers up for us.  They are helping and all the comments and well wishes keep us occupied and our spirits lifted as we wait.