Hey everyone!

Thought I would write real quick about what we’ve been up to…and actually it’s pretty uneventful which is always good.  We going to leave for Minnesota October 3rd, see the sites of Minneapolis on Oct 4, then head over to Rochester and be ready to go for my appointment bright and early October 5th.

I have received gobs of paperwork from Mayo to get ready for my appointment.  They are very thorough and I have been so impressed so far.  We recently had dinner with a couple whose daughter receives treatment for thyroid cancer at Mayo and sees the same doctor we are going to see.  They raved about him!  Their daughter has a very similar case to mine – three surgeries and three RAI treatments.  But she underwent everything at 10 years old! She is 24 now and still has tumors in her neck and lungs, but they haven’t changed in ten years so she hasn’t needed anymore treatments.

I have been trying to keep up on my vegan’ish diet…some days are better than others 🙂

My next update will most likely be from Mayo!  Please say prayers for safe travels and that God directs the doctors up there as they look on my case.  Thank you!