I feel like I just got accepted to the college I wanted…but we got in to see Dr. McIver at Mayo!

I was driving this morning thinking, “I haven’t heard from UNMC about getting in with Dr. McIver, I think I will call.”  As I picked up my phone, UNMC was calling me.  It was my nurse, Nicole, who told me Dr. Goldner spoke with Dr. McIver last night and he agreed to see me.  Nicole was faxing all my records up there for them to have.  I don’t know the appointment date yet, but Nicole requested I be seen in the next three weeks.  We’ll see if that happens, as I think they schedule out way further than that, but hopefully this waiting period doesn’t last too long.

Thank you for the prayers…keep them coming.  I feel so much better knowing we are going to be seen by Dr. McIver.