My comic relief - Helen and Leo

It finally crept in tonight.  Believe it or not, in the two years we have dealt with cancer, I have rarely felt fear.  But it always seems to set in a week or so after receiving bad news and I have time to dwell on everything.  Now that the flurry of phone calls and making plans have quieted, I have time to think about what lies ahead…and it’s a little scary.

That’s when I am so glad I have Neel, who knew what was happening.  He quickly made me feel better, and before I shed too many tears, both kids were at my feet trying to tickle me.  Although sometimes I wonder why this is happening to us while our kids are so young, I do have to say they are great comic relief!

Still no word about getting into the doctor we would like to at Mayo, but I figure it might take awhile as doctors (especially one like this at Mayo), are super busy.

Hugs to you all!