We are back in the waiting game.  But I feel more ready to meet these next couple months than I have at other times when we’ve had to wait.

I have been wrestling with the idea of getting a second opinion for quite some time.  I always hesitated because I did not want to risk ruining the relationship I have with my UNMC doctors.  I finally called my doctors’ nurse to ask her how she thought the UNMC doctors would react to use going somewhere else to review my case.  The nurse said they would be totally fine!  They always encourage second opinions!  I felt so much better, and so began the process of WHERE to go for a second opinion.

On Dr. Goldner’s (my UNMC endocrinologist) recommendation, we called the Mayo clinic and started the process of getting an appointment there.  It was actually super simple, but the soonest I could get in is November 1st.  The catch is, the doctor that Dr. Goldner recommended is not seeing new patients.  Dr. Goldner is going to try to call this doctor to see if she will have any luck in getting me to see him.  I am waiting to hear back on that.

The doctor at the Mayo clinic we are hoping to see is Dr. Brian McIvor.  He obviously specializes in thyroid cancer, but specifically people like me where it’s recurrent and scattered throughout the neck.  Please pray that we can get into see Dr. McIvor.

The other thing I have started is some diet changes.  I have NEVER been a vegetable eater.  That is changing.  I also drank tons of milk (non-organic, so full of hormones and probably other icky stuff), cheese, chips, SUGAR, etc….not what I call a cancer-fighting diet.  So, I have slowly started to adopt a Vegan diet* (huge disclaimer here, I couldn’t do this cold turkey, so don’t be surprised if I still eat some chicken or something with eggs…it’s hard!).  I have been reading tons on how much what you put into your body plays a role in cancer growth and your body’s ability to fight cancer.  I’m going to try to get my body as healthy as possible to fight this battle on all fronts.

A huge thank you to everyone who has offered prayers and support.  Keep it coming!  We thrive on the words of encouragement.  I hope to use this site to update everyone on everything, so please check back (or subscribe to the feed).